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MASS SPECC Cooperative Development Center is the oldest and largest cooperative federation in the country. Following the voluntary tradition of cooperative development, it started with mostly parish-based credit unions being organized in different dioceses in Mindanao during the 1950s.

In 1966, these credit unions organized the Southern Philippines Educational Cooperative Center (SPECC) in recognition of the importance of co-op education in cooperative development. In 1973, they organized the Mindanao Alliance of Self-Help Societies (MASS) to provide support services like audit, technical advice, and extension services as well as represent their interest with government and other stakeholders. In 1984, both secondary organizations merged into what is now known as MASS SPECC Cooperative Development Center.

MASS SPECC’s services to its affiliate cooperatives have evolved over the years . Right now, it has a Central Fund, which pools surplus funds of co-operatives for on-lending to cooperatives with financing needs. It has an Information & Communication Technology unit that provides software solutions and ATM services, a Consultancy unit that provides technical support and advice, and a Research & Development unit. Its Education and Training services are managed by the Institute of Cooperative Studies (ICS), which is still an integral unit of the federation.

Head Office Address: Tiano-Yacapin Sts., Cagayan de Oro City
Contact Person: Ms. Bernadette Toledo
Designation: Chief Executive Officer
Tel. No.: (088) 856-5753/(088) 856 2339
Email Address:

Products & Services:

1.) Agribest
The Agri-based Enterprise Systems Program (AGRIBEST) aims to promote sustainable communities through developing the farmers to become agri-entrepreneurs using the tested Catholic Relief Services (CRS) 8-step clustering approach for agro-enterprise development of small farmers. The program is geared towards Climate Smart Agriculture which considers the effects of climate change that bring about unstable weather conditions.

2.) Bayanihan Funds
Bayanihan refers to the spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation to achieve a particular goal. The concept of pooling together the financial resources of MASS-SPECC’s affiliate primary cooperatives to put together a substantial amount of funds that can be utilized for movement building, additional liquidity and investment, is the main objective of the Fund.

3.) MASS-SPECC Capacity Building Program
It is a comprehensive capacity building program establishing cooperative standards geared towards effective and efficient translation of the cooperative sector’s mission towards member development anchored on cooperative values and principles.

4.) MCU is the extension arm of MASS-SPECC.
We use assessment, planning, resource access, coaching, mentoring, management assistance and continuous improvement. We specialize in working with credit and savings cooperatives to achieve growth, increase profitability, improve board leadership, and help strengthen management. We provide services that are comprehensive and personalized. We tailor our programs and solutions to your co-op needs in the following areas of development:

Composing the resource pool are the cooperative practitioners, specialist and advisors with hands-on experience on co-op matters. Experts from the academe and corporate sectors are also invited to ensure that the co-op experience is enriched with the current practices of the mainstream.

It is our goal to be able to provide co-ops a total end to end solution, based on the co-op’s desired area of development, using a cooperative standard.

5.) Institute of Cooperatives Studies
As training arm, ICS endeavor’s to be the co-operatives’ first choice in seeking information, acquiring knowledge, and developing skills related to the cooperative enterprise. It is developing its competence as a center of learning for cooperators. It is focused on its mission to “deliver quality learning programs and grow cooperators who are committed to building the cooperative movement & the nation.” ICS delivers various education and training programs for board of directors and other officers of cooperatives. It conducts a regular 6-month management development program for middle managers, combining theory and practice. It has also adopted a co-creation strategy by involving human resource managers of cooperatives in developing competency-based curricula and training programs for various rank and file positions in cooperatives. It has decentralized its delivery of training programs to the regions to ensure that these are accessible and affordable to cooperatives, by training and accrediting facilitators in the different regions and partnering with local cooperatives in organizing the training.

6.) CDA Required Trainings
*Specialized Trainings for Managers/BOD/Officers and Staff
*Management Development Program (MDP) for Managers
*Masters in Entrepreneurial Management (UA&P)
*Competency Based Trainings for Operations Staff
*Technical Trainings for Operations Staff and Officers

7.) Pinoy Coop E-Services A service that enables all members to do personal banking such as, but not limited to balance inquiry, withdrawal, bills payments, fund transfer, and more, by using their PINOY COOP KARD anywhere on any channel (PINOY COOP ATM, other Bancnet affiliated ATMs, POS, Bancnet Online) and anytime most convenient to them thus enjoying better quality of life.

Location of Branches:

1.) Anahaw Village, Barangay Maa, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur
2.) Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

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