Vision and Mission


The Mindanao Microfinance Council shall be the leading empowered network in economic development through professionalized microfinance institutions that is truly responsive to the needs of its members and the poor.



MMC’s purpose is to strengthen member institutions and their people to help them deliver effective financial and capability development services.

It shall position its members to become a leading force in the microfinance industry in the Philippines and to become effective catalysts for the economic and social development of the poor in Mindanao.

To realize this mission, we value professionalism, mutual trust and undying commitment to improve the socio-economic well-being of the poor.



MMC is committed to the following objectives:

  1. Increased access of the poor in Mindanao to microfinance services and capability building assistance that shall enable them to pursue economic opportunities and income generating activities in order to reduce poverty.
  1. Developed high performing Mindanao microfinance institutions that are able to contribute significantly to the economic and social development of Mindanao.
  1. Established a strong, sustainable and responsive microfinance network that shall be the partner of choice of government and private organizations in implementing poverty reduction programs in Mindanao.


In order to fulfill these objectives, MMC shall:

  1. Provide quality training and capability building assistance to Mindanao MFIs.
  2. Conduct research and studies for the development of microfinance products and services, training modules for both end-clients and MFI human resources.
  3. Disseminate useful information that shall assist Mindanao MFIs in making sound strategic decisions.
  4. Promote cooperation and unity among Mindanao MFIs through regular conferences and local dialogues.
  5. Assist Mindanao MFIs in sourcing the needed resources and tools for the effective delivery of services to the poor sector.
  6. Coordinate microfinance activities in Mindanao with local, national, and international agencies / organizations.
  7. Represent the microfinance sector of Mindanao in national policy development.